How to assign multiple SIMs to a Sub-account


Once an Admin user has created a Managed Account under their account, they can move SIMs to the sub-account.

Before moving a list of SIMs to a sub-account, a filter should be created and saved. This filter can then be used with bulk actions for assigning the SIMs to a sub-account. The Filter Builder provides many filter combinations to create a selection of SIMs, however new SIMs without any specific identifiers can be difficult to distinguish from the rest of your SIM estate. In that case a comma separated list of ICCIDs or MSISDNs is appropriate to use.

If you have an Excel file including the list of SIMs you intend to move, you can simply copy and paste the list into the Filter Builder.  The following steps describe how to do this using ICCIDs.

  • Copy the list of ICCIDs from the Excel sheet.


  • Go to the Filter Builder in Emport and create a new filter.
  • Tick the ICCID option, select List, and click the Edit button.


  • In the Edit pop-up window paste the list of ICCIDs and click Ok.


  • The list should now be turned into a comma separated values. Click the Ok button.  The filter is now ready to be used.
  • Go to Bulk Actions and select the filter just created.


  • Select the Action "Assign SIMs to Account".  The list of SIMs previously pasted in the filter will be seen in the bulk actions list.
  • In the next drop-down list choose the account to which the SIMs are to be assigned.


  • Now click the Go button and the SIMs will be assigned to the selected account. The users of this account will now be able to view and manage these SIMs.






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