Release Notes 5.9.5

  • My Profile switch for UK CSD numbers. The My Profile page now has a switch which, when enabled, causes UK CSD numbers to be shown with a 0 prefix instead of 44.
  • Improved searching for CSD numbers. When the above switch is enabled, and a Global Search or Advanced Filter is used, the prefix is removed before searching.
  • SIM List Export reflects CSD switch setting. The SIM List export reflects the CSD setting in the user’s My Profile page.
  • Confirmation step added when moving SIMs. A confirmation is now required when more than 50 SIMs are being moved.

IMPORTANT: The default setting for all users is full CSD format (i.e. UK CSDs will start with 44). Any user wishing to view in national format (i.e. UK CSDs starting with 0) just has to enable the switch in their My Profile page.


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