How to use our Arkessa Request Form


Our Arkessa Request Form has changed!

The Arkessa Request Form should be used for all order requests and submitted to Arkessa Customer Services via

  • Order Summary
  • SIM Actions
  • SIM Migration
  • Additional Services

A definition of each of the order types can be found her - What are the order request types?

The form is designed to be multi-purpose allowing us to capture all the necessary details from you. We have redesigned the layout of the form which makes it quicker to complete.

Please make sure you complete as much information as you can as this will speed up the order completion time.

Information needed from you is highlighted in Yellow and is dependent on the order request type.

Front Page:

1. Customer Details - this will capture the requester contact details along with confirmation of the delivery address. Please note that delivery address is only required for requests which require SIMs to be delivered.

2. Additional Comments - Please include any additional comments specific to the order request in the body of the email to us.


There is now a button at the bottom of the Order Summary Page which will automatically populate the Arkessa Request Form into an email ready to send to

Once you have added all of the information regarding your request you can click on this button which will then save a copy of the form to your desktop and generate an email for you to send to our Orders Team.



SIM Order Types

New SIM Order - Active
SIM Activation
New SIM Order - In Active
SIM Replacement
Tariff Upgrade
SIM Disconnection

These are now all captured on the SIM Actions tab.

This will allow you to input this information so that it is more specific to your order request.


Additional Services

When requesting an order if you require any of the below you will need to complete the 'Additional Services' tab.



Public IP Address

Data Bundle


You will also need to mark on the 'Order Summary' page that you require an additional service to ensure this gets processed with your order.

If you have any further questions regarding how to use this form please contact Arkessa Customer Services.

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