What is View Details?


View Details will open a new tab containing further details of an individual SIM.

How to view details of a SIM

  • In the List section, select a SIM
  • Right click and choose ‘View Details’

  • Here is where notes can be added, and cap and alert thresholds set (with suitable user permissions).

For example, the Notes could be used for a device identification number which enables a record to be held of which SIM is in which.

This tab also shows the SIM's Activity Log, which records an entry when any of the following occur:

  • a SIM is added to Emport
  • a SIM is activated
  • the SIM's data Alert level is set
  • the SIM's data Cap level is set
  • the SIM's data has been Suspended
  • the SIM's data has been Enabled

These entries include the data, time and user who performed the activity.


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