How to view a Detailed Accounting Report


A Detailed Accounting Report can display a full breakdown of a SIM through the session interims which are generated every hour.  This report is particularly useful if you would like to perform in-depth troubleshooting.

  • Click on 'Search' on the left of the Dashboard page. A pop-up box 'Search' will appear:

  • Under 'Search for' select 'ICCIDs that contain', enter the required ICCID
  • Click 'Ok'
  • The SIM will appear:

  • Right click on the SIM in the List
  • Select 'View Accounting Report'

  • Select a desired date range (from the drop down boxes)

  • Tick the 'Give detailed report' box.
  • Click 'Get Report'. A table will appear listing the current interim, session stop/start times, total input/output and a combined total.

This table can then be exported to a file by clicking 'Export as' and selecting the required export format.

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