What is Data Alerting and Capping?


Data Alerting and Data Capping are services provided by Arkessa to help you monitor and control your data usage.


Data Alerting:

An alert email is sent to the customer once 80% of the data allowance has been reached. Data sessions will continue to be established until the SIM has reached 100% of the monthly allowance.


Data Capping:

If a SIM has reached 100% of its usage allowance an email is sent to the customer stating that the SIM has reached its Data Cap threshold and no further data sessions will be allowed.

Please note that if the SIM is in an existing data session and goes over 100%, data will continue until the current session comes to an end or is broken.  The service is designed not automatically terminate data sessions as soon as a data cap threshold has been reached.

Data Cap emails will continue to be deployed every hour until the SIM has ended the existing session or has been broken.

If you would like to break an existing data session you can either complete a remote reboot on the device or request Arkessa to process a mobile network refresh by sending a request through to support@arkessa.com during Arkessa business hours.


Interested in learning more about Data Alerting or Data Capping?  Please contact your Account Manager or Submit a Request to Arkessa Customer Services.

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