How to install Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN?


To install the Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN application please follow the below steps:

1. Via Internet Explorer web browser enter the following URL:

2. Enter your username/password that we have provided to you. If you have forgotten your credentials please submit a request to Arkessa Customer Services or

3. Once you have successfully signed into the Arkessa environment you will now see a logo for the Network Connect application.

4. Click ‘Start’ and the Network Connect application will begin to run.

5. A Security Warning may appear. Select 'I accept the risk and want to run this application'.

6. A 'Setup Control - Warning' message will appear. Select 'Always' from the options.

7. Depending on your Operating system you may have further messages requesting authorisation to install a new application. Click to proceed, if required.

8. Once the application has been successfully installed you will see the Juniper Network Connect icon in your task-bar, which is represented by a yellow padlock.

Installation of the Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN application has been completed. You now have secure access to your resources within the Arkessa environment.

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