Cannot run Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN?


This article will help you if you are experiencing issues with running the Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN application via Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers.

What is causing this issue?

  • If you are experiencing issues with your SSL VPN launching it could be due to a Java script error.
  • It could be that your Laptop/PC settings have not been set to allow the scripts to run.
  • If your web browser settings are not set correctly the Java script it will fail when trying to run the application.  This is because there are three phases Java needs to go through before the application will run. These have been listed below:
  1. Java searches for the download
  2. Java then retrieves the download
  3. The final step is that Java will then run the downloads
  4. If any of these fail to run then it will not update your Java settings within your web browser.

How can I overcome this problem?

There is a way to resolve this issue and depending on what web browser you are using the steps will vary slightly.

Mozilla Firefox

1. On your browser you need to navigate to 'Menu'

2. Click 'Add-ons'

3. A list of plugins you have on the browser will be displayed, ensure that you have 'Java(TM) Platform SE 8'.  If you don't have this visit Java to download onto your computer.

4. On the far right of the screen click the drop down menu and select 'Always activate'.

5. Once this has been done please restart your computer and retry launching the Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN application.

Internet Explorer

1. In Internet Explorer, click 'Tools' and then select 'Internet Options'.

2. Select the 'Security' and then click 'Trusted sites'.

3. Click on the 'Sites' button.

4. Enter the URL of the SSL VPN you are accessing e.g. and click 'Add' followed by 'Close' and 'OK'.

If you continue to experience issues please Submit a Request to Arkessa Customer Services or email

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