About Arkessa


Arkessa is a leading M2M managed services provider, delivering connectivity services and solutions through an unrivalled multi-network capability spanning all regions of the World.  We provide true pole-to-pole coverage.

Our goal is to future-proof Enterprise connections to the Internet of Things.

To achieve this we have pioneered the integration of multiple networks and emerging wireless technologies through a single managed service.  Managing through one provider and from one user interface provides flexibility, connection reliability and simplified contracting because it removes the hassle of forming numerous relationships with network service providers around the world.

By making M2M & IoT easy to adopt, integrate and scale we empower Enterprises to develop and optimise their business operations.

M2M connectivity allows them to derive operational insight from their people, assets and customers.  The derived business intelligence enables them to work more efficiently, enhance customer experience and create new business value from devices through the development of new services and revenue streams.

Further information can be found here - http://www.arkessa.com/profile/

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