Receiving your first order


Once your order has been processed the Arkessa Customer Services Team will update you via your ticket to let you know that your request has been completed.

The Orders & Provisioning Form will be updated with all of the necessary details ready for you to start using our connectivity services.

The team will also provide you with information regarding the delivery of your first order.  We include the name of the courier, the tracking number together with an estimation time for delivery.

When your order arrives you'll find our SIM cards inside the packaging along with some paperwork for your records.

We include a short guide with all of our orders which should help to get you started:

  1. Insert your SIM into your device by following the device instructional manual
  2. Switch your device on and wait for the SIM to find the Mobile Network
  3. Enter our Private APN credentials, this is usually found in the 'device settings'

As always we are here to help should you have any problems gaining connectivity.  If you do experience an issue simply Submit a Request or email

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