How to manage your tickets


You can manage your tickets by either updating the ticket via email or through the Customer Portal. 

The Customer Portal is an area within the Help Centre which is designed to provide you with the ability to securely manage and track your ticket requests.


To track your ticket via the Customer Portal

To track your ticket via the Customer Portal you must first sign-in via the Help Centre.  We would have provided you and your users with access as part of the on-boarding process.

1. Click your profile icon on the upper-right hand side of any page, and then click 'My activities'

By default, the page displays all requests that you have submitted to Arkessa.  From here you will also see the current status of your ticket:

  • Open - a ticket that has been assigned to one of the Arkessa Team to work on resolving.
  • Awaiting your reply - a ticket which has been assigned to one of the Arkessa Team who is waiting for more information from you before resolving the ticket.
  • Solved - a ticket which has been resolved.

2. To see a filtered view of all your requests, enter a search term in the Filter Requests box or select a request status from the Status menu.

3. To see details about a request, click the request title.

To update your ticket via email

You can update an existing ticket with a comment by email.

Your email must reference an existing ticket number (e.g. #12345), using the correct syntax, in plain text.  You must have permission to update the ticket, as the ticker requester or a CC on the ticket.

Continuing the email trail is the best way to ensure your update is received and recorded against the ticket.

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