IPSec VPN troubleshooting


There are a number of issues that can cause an IPSec VPN to not work as expected.  If you suspect there is an issue, the below points can help identify troubleshoot:

  • Ensure the destination and source of your traffic is allowed through the IPSec encryption domain.  If you try to reach your devices from a new server that isn’t allowed in the existing encryption domain, the traffic will be dropped.

  • Ensure internet connectivity is up, IPSec VPNs have end-end connectivity between two gateway’s which exist on the public internet.

  • Ensure no recent routing changes have affected the path to the destination of the IPSec domains.  If the destination traffic is no longer being directly down the IPSec tunnel, the traffic will not pass through the tunnel and will not be encrypted.

  • Traffic must pass through an IPSec tunnel for the tunnel to be up and active.  If no traffic is passing through the tunnel, the tunnel will time out and go down. Only when new traffic starts again will the tunnel come back up.

  • Make sure no changes were made to the agreed encryption parameters or pre-share key, these must match.

If you continue to experience issues please Submit a Ticket or email support@arkessa.com for further investigation.

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