How to request for a SIM Disconnection


A SIM Disconnection can be processed to terminate the SIM service.  Once completed the SIM will no longer be able to connect via a device and billing will cease.

As part of the SIM Disconnection process the Arkessa Customer Services Team will confirm if any additional fee(s) will be incurred.

To request for a SIM Disconnection you will need to complete our Orders & Provisioning Form

Requesting for a SIM Disconnection:

1. Complete the Front Page:

  • Customer PO Number
  • Date Requested
  • Company Name
  • Requested By
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Delivery Address - please specify the details of where the SIM cards should be despatched to.

2. Complete the Order Summary:

  • Order Type
  • Mobile Network Operator
  • Quantity

3. Click 'SIM Disconnection' from 'Order Details'.

4. Complete the SIM Disconnection sheet.  Please try and complete the form as accurately as possible.

  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
  • SIM Number (ICCID) - this is usually printed on the back of the physical SIM card.
  • Mobile Number (MSISDN)
  • Data Number (CSD) - if relevant and present on the SIM.

4. Once complete, please Submit a Request or email and attach the Orders and Provisioning Form.

Completion of a SIM Disconnection:

Once the SIM Disconnection request is complete, the Arkessa Customer Services Team will complete the remaining details of the order:

  • Arkessa Ticket Number
  • Date Completed

On the SIM Disconnection sheet we will provide the details of the SIM Disconnection:

  • Comments provided by Arkessa Customer Services Team.

We aim to complete within 3 working days.  However, as always, we will endeavour to process all orders as quickly as possible.

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