How to request for a Inbound Migration


To request for a Inbound Migration, you will need to complete our Orders & Provisioning Form

Requesting for a Inbound Migration:

1. Complete the Front Page:

  • Customer PO Number
  • Date Requested
  • Company Name
  • Requested By
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Delivery Address - as the SIM cards are not with Arkessa, this will not be required to be completed.

2. Complete the Order Summary:

  • Order Type
  • Mobile Network Operator
  • Quantity

3. Click 'Inbound Migration' from 'Order Details'.

4. Complete the Inbound Migration sheet.  Please try and complete the form as accurately as possible.

  • Current SIM Owner - Third Party Customer, where the SIMs are being transferred from.
  • New SIM Owner - Arkessa Customer, where the SIMs are being transferred to.
  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
  • Mobile Number (MSISDN)
  • Data Number (CSD)
  • Additional Data

5. Once complete, please Submit a Request or email and attach the Orders and Provisioning Form.

Completion of a Inbound Migration:

Once the Inbound Migration request is complete, the Arkessa Customer Services Team will complete the remaining details of the order:

  • Arkessa Ticket Number
  • Date Completed
  • APN (Access Point Name), username and password

On the inbound Migration sheet we will provide the details of the SIM(s) which have been transferred to Arkessa management, ready to be used:

  • Private IP Address
  • Public IP Address
  • Comments

We will endeavour to process all orders as quickly as possible.

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