What are User Roles?


An Emport user can have one of the following types of role:

  • View Only
  • User
  • Admin

What can a user of type View Only do?

  • View and configure the Dashboard
  • Use Quick Filters and the Filter Builder
  • Export filtered views
  • View SIM Details
  • View SIM data allowance* and usage
  • View the Accounting Report and Detailed Accounting Report
  • Enable and Disable SIM authentication
  • Ping a SIM
  • Perform SIM searches
  • Change their own email address, full name and password
  • Access Help and Support

What can a user of type User do?

Everything that a user of type View Only can do, in addition to:

  • Edit the Notes associated with a SIM
  • Run SIM Diagnostics

What can a user of type Admin do?

Everything that a user of type User can do, in addition to:

  • Manage sub-Accounts and their associated users
  • Move SIMs to and from sub-Accounts, and between sub-Accounts
  • View Estate History
  • Activate SIMs
  • Manage Tags and Categories
  • Set Alert and Cap levels
  • Add and remove notification email addresses

* for SIMs added since 19 December 2016

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