Introducing hierarchical accounts and user management


We’re excited to announce that customers who re-sell Arkessa connectivity can now create sub-accounts for their customers and assign SIMs to them. Your customers can also perform their own user management. These features allow your customers to manage their own SIM estate and hence simplifies the management of your customers.

You can give users one of two degrees of control: normal users can view SIM information and perform simple tasks, whereas admin users have access to extended functionality such as setting cap levels, moving SIMs, and user management.



You can assign SIMs from your estate to sub-customers, or move them between sub-customers.  This is done via the contextual menu (right click menu) on the Dashboard. Multiple SIMs can be moved by first selecting SIMs using the shift or control keys.  These operations can now be done without needing to contact Arkessa Customer Services.

For customers who have SIM alerts and caps enabled, you can now set the cap level and alert level without having to contact Arkessa Customer Services. When setting the cap level the alert level automatically defaults to 80% of the cap level. This can subsequently be over-written by you if required.

The option of filtering by Account Name has been added to the Filter Builder and the SIM list can be filtered based on Account Names.

In order to provide a more tailored service to your customers, you can configure your own Help and Support page for them to use. Alternatively, the Help and Support feature can be configured to display a pop-up showing your support contact.

Note: There is now no longer a need to use Categories for managing sub-accounts.  This is achieved using hierarchical managed accounts with more flexibility and with full Emport user management.

Hierarchical account management is also reflected in the API.


To see what other improvements have been made please refer to the Release Notes.




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