How to assign SIMs in bulk to another account

  • Click on ‘Filter builder’ on the left hand side of the page

  • Name your filter
  • Select ‘Create New Filter’
  • Select the tick box for the information you want to filter by (e.g. MSISDN) and enter any associated information (e.g. the MSISDN number)
  • Click ‘Save Filter’
  • Select ‘Bulk Actions’ on the left hand side

  • From the Filter drop down list, select the filter you created previously

  • Select ‘Assign SIMs to Account’

  • You will then be presented with another drop down list. Select the account to which you wish to assign the SIMs, and click ‘Go’
  • This will then move the filtered SIMs to the requested account

Please note: When SIMs are moved between accounts, the notification email addresses associated with them remain. If you wish to remove the email addresses, then this can be done using the bulk edit feature.

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