What are the system requirements?


Emport is a web-based application that works directly in your chosen Internet browser. There is no requirement to download or install any software to your computer.

Emport has been tested on desktop/laptop computers and tablets.

Choose from any of the following browsers:

For best performance we advise using Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


  1. Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge browser in 2015 as a replacement for Internet Explorer and they no longer develop new features for Internet Explorer. For the time being, Internet Explorer will continue to be supported, but support for it will eventually be removed. Many of our customers have already switched away from Internet Explorer and, if you are still using Internet Explorer, it is strongly recommended that you switch to Microsoft Edge or an alternative browser. You may start to see a warning message displayed if you continue to use Internet Explorer. 
  2. WebSockets are also required for the portal to work correctly. To test if your browser works with WebSockets, just click on http://websockets.com. If you see a green tick by "WebSockets supported" then WebSockets are working correctly for you. If you experience difficulties, and you are a direct customer of Arkessa, please contact Arkessa Customer Services.
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