How to set Data Caps and Alerts


If Arkessa has enabled Caps and Alerts for you, then you can change their level.  Note that only users of type Admin can set SIM Data Caps and Alerts.

  • In the SIM List, click the SIM for which you wish to set a data cap or alert. The SIM Details are displayed.

  • Click the pencil icon next to the cap or alert that you wish to change. Make the change and click away.

  • A confirmation message is displayed.



  • When changing the cap level, the cap will not be automatically reset to the original level at the start of the next billing period.
  • Setting the cap level to zero, removes any cap.


Hard Caps

Some SIMs support the ability to terminate a data session when the cap level is reached (in addition to preventing further data sessions).  Those SIMs have the following tick box when setting the cap level:


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