How do I sort SIMs?


By clicking on the column heading in the SIM List the list will automatically sort in ascending, descending, alphabetical or numerical order.

ICCID – SIM number

MSISDN – Mobile number

MNO – Mobile Network Operator

Status – SIM status (see What is SIM status?)

Private IP – Fixed Private IP address

Session Duration – The duration of the last data session (if the SIM is disconnected), or the duration of the current data session (if the SIM is connected)

Notes – Customised notes by user

Usage – The data used so far for the current month

CSD - CSD number

Public IP - Public IP address

Account Name – The Account to which the SIM is assigned

Custom field - A customer-defined field


Note: Data usage shown is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.

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