How do I set Data Caps and Alerts in bulk?



  • In the SIM List, use the Advanced Filter so that only the SIMs for which you wish to change the Data Cap and Alert levels.
  • Select all the SIMs by clicking on mceclip0.png in the ICCID column header until it displays mceclip1.png.
  • On the Actions menu select 'Change Alert/Cap Levels'
  • Enter the required Data Cap level. By default, the Data Alert Level is set to 80% of the Cap level, but this can be overwritten.
  • Some MNOs support the ability to terminate the data session when the Data Cap is reached. This can be enabled by ticking the "Terminate session when data cap is reached before session ends".  This will enable it for SIMs that support it.


  • MNOs report usage periodically, and a SIM alert or cap will not be triggered until the data usage has exceeded the threshold. Hence the usage for a SIM may show more than the configured alert or cap level. However, when a cap threshold has been exceeded the SIM will be blocked and no more sessions will be allowed.
  • Some MNOs do not report usage during data sessions. Consequently, for those MNOs, SIM alerts and caps will only be triggered at the end of the data session.
  • If the SIM has exceeded its contracted inclusive allowance, overage charges will apply.
  • Data usage shown is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.






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