Setting Alerts on Tariff Groups


For direct customers, it is possible to set an Alert on the usage of an Aggregated Group of SIMs or a SIM Bundle. To do this, click on the Tariff Info link in the SIM List or SIM Details pages. (If the Tariff Info column is not shown on the SIM List, you can add it using mceclip0.png).


In the Tariff Group Alert section click the '+' to expand the panel.


You can enter the usage alert level in MB or %, where % is the percentage of the data allowance.


  • Setting the Alert level to zero, removes any Alert.
  • If a SIM belonging to a group is terminated, the group's alert level is not changed. If you wish to change the group's alert level (e.g. to maintain the alert at a particular percentage of allowance) then you must do this manually.
  • MNOs report usage periodically, and an alert or cap will not be triggered until the data usage has exceeded the threshold. Hence the usage for a Tariff Group may show more than the configured alert or cap level.
  • Some MNOs do not report usage during data sessions. Consequently, usage for groups containing SIMs from those MNOs will only increment when a SIM's data session ends.
  • If the SIM group has exceeded its contracted inclusive allowance, overage charges will apply.
  • Data usage shown in Emport is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.


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