How to manage default external notification emails


Notification emails can be sent to people who are not users. For these email addresses, it is possible for Admin users to enable SIM Alerts for all SIMs that have Cap or Alert thresholds set.

For direct customers, it is also possible to enable SIM Alerts for all Tariff Groups that have Alert thresholds set.

This is available in the Notifications tab under the Managed Accounts page.


Adding an external email

To add an external email:

  • Click Add External Email.


  • Enter the external email and click Apply.  If you enter the email address of an existing user a message is displayed indicating that the email already exists.
  • Click Apply.

Tick the SIM Alerts box to send all individual SIM Alerts to the external email.  Direct customers can tick the Tariff Group Alerts box to send all individual SIM Alerts to the external email.  

Note that users can choose to receive the same alerts in their My Profile page. Notification email addresses can also be set for individual SIMs in the SIM’s Details page.

For more information about best practice when managing notification emails refer to the article Centralised Email Management in Emport.

Deleting an external email

  • Click Delete next to the external email you wish to delete. A confirmation is displayed.


  • Click Delete to confirm the deletion.


  • Deleting an external email address also removes it from all SIMs.
  • Currently sub-customers are not permitted to delete external emails from this page. This will be added in a future release.
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