Release Notes 5.7



  • APN display. The APN of Managed SIMs is now displayed on the SIM Details page, SIM List and SIM List export.
  • APN filtering. You can now quickly view all SIMs that use a particular APN by using the Global Search. It’s also possible to incorporate APN into an Advanced Filter for more sophisticated filtering.
  • Handling of unmanaged SIMs. Some SIMs are not managed via the portal but are still displayed in the portal. These are referred to as Unmanaged SIMs and are associated with an unmanaged MNO or APN. SIMs of this type are now displayed in a much more clearer way, only showing appropriate information. You are also able to use the Advanced Filter to filter by Unmanaged SIMs.
  • Improved password security. New passwords for user accounts now need to adhere to stricter rules. This provides improved security.



  • SIM List navigation. When returning to the SIM List from SIM Details, the sort order and your position in the list is preserved.
  • Column ordering consistency. The ordering of ICCID and MSISDN columns in reports has been made consistent across all reports and exports. ICCID now comes first, followed by MSISDN.
  • SIM Activity Log. References to “IMSI” have been changed to “SIM”.



  • When you perform a Tag bulk action on a selection of SIMs in the SIM List, the result creates a filter base on the selected SIMs.
  • The Sessions report export is displaying the toaster for the SIM List export.
  • The sum shown by the Calculate Total Usage button does not match the total usage of the selected SIMs.
  • When attempting to bulk edit email addresses on all SIMs in your estate, a Null Pointer Exception occurs.



Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge browser in 2015 as a replacement for Internet Explorer and they no longer develop new features for Internet Explorer. Many of our customers have already switched away from Internet Explorer and, if you are still using Internet Explorer, it is strongly recommended that you switch to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. You will start to see a warning message displayed if you continue to use Internet Explorer. From now on, the portal may continue to work with Internet Explorer but any browser-related issues won’t be fixed.

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