Release Notes 5.3



  • Data Usage Filter. The Advanced Filter now has the ability to filter by data usage. It is possible to choose a range of data usage.
  • Filter by pasting. In the Advanced Filter, the user can now paste in a list of ICCIDs, MSISDNs, CSD numbers and private IP addresses. This is in addition to being able to upload a file of these identifiers. The user is also able to subsequently edit the list.
  • Custom Field permissions. Now "Admin" users can add and remove Custom Fields, and "User" users can edit the contents of Custom Fields.
  • Report notification. When generating a report, a pop-up now appears telling the user that their report is ready. The user can then down load the report by clicking on the pop-up.
  • Session Report display units. It is now possible to choose the display units on the Sessions Report.
  • More characters in Tags. Spaces and "<" can now be used in Tag names.



  • An error page is now shown for browser 404 errors.
  • Data Cap and Alert values are now not rounded when entering them in the Bulk Action page.
  • On the SIM List, the Actions menu is now greyed-out when a "User" or "View-Only" user selects multiple SIMs.
  • The Custom Branding preview is now updated to match the new user interface design.
  • In the SIM Details screen, an error message is now shown if the user-entered location is not recognised.
  • Corrected unclear wording in the Activity Log when caps and alerts are changed.
  • There is now independent behaviour between notification email addresses attached to individual SIMs, and email addresses listed on the Notifications tab in Managed Accounts.
  • A more informative error message is now displayed when a user uploads an incorrect file type to Custom Branding.
  • The default SIM List sort order is now reversed, so that the most recently added SIMs are at the top.
  • When you Export the SIM list in CSV format, the column ordering now matches the SIM List.



  • In the SIM Details screen, the usage graph sometimes shows an incorrect value.
  • A new notification email address is sometimes added to the SIM when there is an error.
  • The SIM List cannot be sorted by IP or public IP when using Global Search facility.
  • User sessions are timing out prematurely.

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