Release Notes 5.1



  • New Estate History Report export. From the Estate History Report there is now the option to export the daily usage for each of the SIMs. This provides more detail than was available before.
  • New data usage gauge. The SIM Details screen now includes a new gauge showing the current data usage of the SIM in addition to any Cap or Alert threshold that has been set.

Please note that the Privacy Notice has also been updated.


  • Clarified the labelling of the SIM Count in the Estate History Report.
  • On Excel exports, usage is now represented as a number rather than "number as text", enabling easier calculations.
  • Clarified the Interval value in the SIM Details screen.
  • Sessions Report
    • Sometimes the Sessions Report appears to show zero usage for sessions using less than 10kb. This can lead to apparent inconsistency with the totals at the end of the report.
    • The Interim column now contains the date and time of the interim usage, instead of "true" or "false".
    • The date format has been made more consistent with elsewhere in the user interface.
    • The check box for producing the detailed report now applies only after you select "Get Report".
    • The ICCID and MSISDN have been moved to the top of the report instead of repeating on every line.
  • Daily Usage Report
    • The MSISDN is now also displayed at the top of the report.
    • The representation of the graphs has been made more consistent with the Estate History Report.


  • There was an issue whereby a user could create a password containing a '£' sign but then the password would be rejected when logging in.
  • When SIM list is loaded into an Advanced Filter the text "Please wait while your rows are loading" was not being translated into the local language.
  • Issue whereby sometimes the SIM List would not display until the user scrolled the list.
  • Issue in the SIM List where the column headings would be misaligned with their columns after a column sort.
  • Corrected messaging when uploading a CSV file into an Advanced Filter.
  • Corrected colour inconsistency in the Dashboard.
  • Corrected exported German text.
  • The feedback form now explicitly asks the user if they consent to Arkessa contacting them about the feedback.
  • The Estate report export on the Firefox browser was opening an additional tab.
  • When uploading a CSV file into the Advanced Filter, the previous upload row count was remaining when you selected a new file.
  • In some cases, the Tariff popup was showing a negative remaining allowance.
  • SIM Details input fields not working in IOS and Android devices.
  • Some browsers were automatically populating the SIM Authentication Credentials in the SIM Details page.
  • The SIM List Actions menu was appearing (incorrectly) for View-Only users.
  • Single quote and back quote were not being handled correctly by the Global Search.
  • £ signs in passwords were not being handled correctly.
  • When the SIM List was filtered to show one SIM, the Sessions Report wasn't appearing.
  • In the Estate History Report, the tooltips where displaying incorrectly.
  • The date display in some cases were displaying unnecessary T and Z characters.
  • When a user is logged out and then enters the URL of the home page, the home page would display momentarily before displaying the login page.
  • If a user of a child Managed Account entered a value into the Global Search that matched a Custom Field of the parent account, the matching SIM would be displayed in the SIM List. (This only happened for a SIM owned by the child Managed Account.)
  • If an "&" is entered into the Notes field, the field would not be saved.
  • The connection status icon in the SIM Details page was not displaying correctly for Connected SIMs.
  • Some fields in the SIM List could be truncated when displayed.


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