Release Notes 4.0



  • New SIM authentication and data usage infrastructure. Arkessa has introduced a new highly scalable and resilient infrastructure for handling SIM authentication and monitoring data usage in order to handle Arkessa's rapidly growing SIM estate.

  • SIM Refresh for additional operators. A SIM refresh capability has now been added for H3G, Tele2 and KPN SIMs. It is also available for selected EE SIMs. SIM Refresh is reached from from the Diagnostics menu.

    • Note: Refreshing a SIM causes any existing data session for that SIM to be immediately terminated and the SIM to be disconnected from the mobile network. When a device detects the disconnection it will normally attempt to re-connect. If the SIM has not been Blocked, Suspended or Terminated, then the re-connection should succeed. 

  • Configurable exports. Exporting from the SIM list now reflects the column selection and ordering of the SIM list. This allows the customisation of the SIM information exported to CSV, XSLX and PDF formats.

  • Excel and PDF export. Exports from the SIM list and reports are now also available in Excel (XLSX) and PDF formats, in addition to CSV.

  • View Only user role. A new user role is now available which permits viewing the SIM dashboard and using filters but does not allow editing of a SIM's Notes field or running Diagnostics.

  • Rebranding of cap and alert emails. Cap and alert emails now reflect any rebranding that has been configured in the Settings area of Managed Accounts. They have also been re-styled.

  • 100 SIM list items. Allows 100 SIMs to be displayed per page in the SIM list, in addition to the options for 10, 25 and 50.



  • The user's selection of number of SIMs per page is now remembered between login sessions.
  • There is now a single "View Accounting Report" menu option that takes the user to a tab where they can select the date range and choose the option of a detailed report.



  • Fixed an un-helpful error message when a From date is entered which occurs after the To date when viewing estate history.
  • Fixed an un-helpful error message when creating a Tag with a name longer than 44 characters.
  • The Search facility on the SIM list is intended to allow a user to search for a single value (e.g. MSISDN), or part of one. Fixed an issue where, if you enter multiple MSISDNs (which are unknown MSISDNs) separated by spaces or commas, it returned all SIMs in the estate, when it should return none. Similarly for other types of identifiers.
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