How do I assign multiple SIMs to a sub-account?


Once an Admin user has created a Managed Account under their account, they can move SIMs to the sub-account. See How do I create a Managed Account? for information on how to create a Managed Account.

Firstly select the SIMs that you wish to move. Navigate to the SIM List, filter the list as required using the Advanced Filter, and select the SIMs using the tick boxes.

If you have an Excel file including the list of SIMs you intend to move, you can simply load  the list into an Advanced Filter.  The following steps describe how to do this using ICCIDs.

  • Create a CSV file consisting of a list of ICCIDs. The file must contain a heading of 'ICCID'.

  • Go to the SIM List and click Advanced Filter.
  • Click 'Filter with CSV list'

  • Select ICCID
  • Press 'Choose file'. A browser window appears.
  • Select the CSV file and select Open.

  • To view the uploaded list, click the 'eye' icon.

  • Click Apply. (If you wish to save the filter enter a filter name and click Save & Apply.)
  • Select all the SIMs by clicking the check box on the column header.

  • Select 'Move to Account' from the Actions menu.

  • Select an account by typing part of the name of the destination account.

  • Click Apply.
  • A result pop-up is displayed, confirming the move.

Please note: When SIMs are moved between accounts, the notification email addresses associated with them remain. If you wish to remove the email addresses, then this can be done using the bulk edit feature.

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