How do I rebrand the SIM Portal?


A reseller is able to re-name the portal according to their own brand. Specifically, they can:

  • Use their own logo
  • Use a custom system name, which is used in various places throughout the portal e.g. in the ‘About’ window.

Only users of type Admin can rebrand the portal. Here’s how to you can use the Rebranding feature:

  • In the top of the portal click ‘Managed Accounts’.
  • Select the account to which you wish to apply the rebranding, click ‘Settings’ and 'Custom Branding'


  • You can now browse for the logo to upload to the portal. You can also enter a bespoke name.
  • Once you have selected the logo it will display in the preview box.
  • When you are happy with the logo and the name, click ‘OK’ and this will save the changes to the selected account.
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