What is reporting?


A variety of options are provided to view and manage reporting either on a single SIM or across an entire estate base.

The following reports can be produced. Each provide further levels of detail to help you understand your SIM or estate better.

Sessions Report. A Sessions Report can pinpoint session times of a SIM for example the start and stop session times. There is also the option to show session interim updates, for MNOs that provide them. Session information is retained for 3 months. To view a Sessions Report see How do I view a Sessions report?

Daily Usage Report. A SIM History Report can be carried out to view the data usage of a single SIM over a defined period of time. Daily usage history is available for 1 year. To view a Daily Usage Report see How do I view a Daily Usage report?

Estate History Report. An Estate Report displays data usage across all SIMs which are under management. Estate usage history is available for 1 year. To view the Estate History Report see How do I view an Estate History Report?

Note: Data usage shown is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.


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