Release Notes 4.2



  • New estate history report. This now includes the ability to view SIM usage history for a subset of SIMs filtered by MNO and sub-account. The period covered is specified between two dates up to a month apart.
  • Time of last login. Shows the date and time of a user's previous login.
  • Admin view of last login. Shows an admin user the last login date and time for all users associated with the account.
  • Hard caps for Arkom SIMs. This adds the ability to automatically request a session termination for Arkom SIMs when the cap threshold is exceeded.
  • IP address included in alert emails. The IP address associated with the SIM is now included in all alert emails for that SIM.


  • Corrected truncated menu label when uploading a CSV file for a custom field.


For a new release later this year, we are also planning a major improvement to the Emport User Interface which will introduce many new enhancements and streamlining. As part of this activity we are intending to deprecate the following:

  • The ability to select multiple SIMs from the SIM list for an Accounting Report. The Account Report will still be available for individual SIMs.
  • The ability to search the Notes field in the Filter Builder. This will be replaced by a global text search.
  • Bulk upload of user names and password for SIM Authentication.
  • Categories. Tags will remain. This is to both simplify the user interface and to promote the alternative methods of grouping that already exist, such as Managed Accounts and Custom Fields.
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