What is Data Alerting and Capping?


Data Alerting and Data Capping are services to help you monitor and control your data usage. They are commonly used to limit the amount of data that is used beyond the SIM's allowance. This is done by setting a Data Cap threshold at the same level as the SIM's allowance.


Data Capping

When a SIM reaches its cap threshold, an email is sent to the customer stating that the SIM has reached its Data Cap threshold and no further data sessions will be allowed.

The Data Cap threshold, and the list of email addresses to which the notification is sent, are configured in the SIM Details screen.

In addition, for MNOs that support it, the customer can request that the data session is terminated when the Data Cap threshold is exceeded. This is configurable in the SIM Details screen. See What are the SIM capabilities? for the list of MNOs that support these "hard caps".

If you would like to break an existing data session you can either complete a remote reboot on the device or request Arkessa to process a mobile network refresh by sending a request through to support@arkessa.com during Arkessa business hours.

Important note: For SIMs where the MNO doesn't support hard caps, if the SIM is in an existing data session and exceeds its Data Cap threshold, data usage will continue until the current session comes to an end.


Data Alerting

The ability is also provided to send a warning notification email (an alert) when the SIM's data usage is approaching the cap threshold. Typically, customers set the alert threshold to 80% of the cap threshold.


The data cap and alert thresholds, and the list of email addresses to which the notification emails are sent, are configured in the SIM Details screen.

Important note: Notifications are only generated once when the SIM's usage exceeds a threshold. Reminder notifications are not sent.


Interested in learning more about Data Alerting or Data Capping?  Please contact your Account Manager or Submit a Request to Arkessa Customer Services.

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