What are Custom Fields?


A Custom Field allows you to associate data with a SIM that is specific to a customer. Up to three custom SIM fields are available for each customer.


How to create a Custom Field

  • In the SIM List, click mceclip0.png. The following appears.


  • Click 'Add Custom Field'. The following appears.


  • The fields can be named as you like with a maximum of 25 characters. They will appear as columns in the SIM list (if configured to be visible), and as a new field in the SIM Details.



How to enter values into a Custom Field

You can enter values for custom fields in the SIM details tab. Just click the mceclip1.png next to the field to start editing. You can enter up to 64 characters for a custom field value.



Note: Custom Fields are local to each customer account. Hence, a Custom Field created by a parent account is not visible to its child accounts. However, each child account is able to create their own Custom Fields.

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