Release Notes 3.3



  • Admin users can now create sub-accounts for their customers.
  • Each customer account can have multiple admins or users to view or manage the SIMs allocated to these sub-accounts.
  • Note: Using Categories for sub-accounts can now be achieved by hierarchical managed accounts with more flexibility and with full Emport user control.



  • Admin users can now move SIMs between accounts via the contextual menu (right click menu) on the dashboard. Multiple SIMs can be moved by first selecting SIMs using the shift or control keys.
  • The option of filtering by Account Name has been added to the Filter Builder. Also, the SIM list can be filtered based on Account Names.
  • Admin users can now provide their own Help and Support page for their customers. Alternatively, the Help and Support feature can be configured to display a pop-up showing your support contact details.
  • Hierarchical account management is also reflected in the API.


  • Admin users can change the data cap and data alert levels of individual SIMs from the SIM Details tab.
  • If you have opted in for data capping and alerts, admin users can change the data cap and alert levels separately.
  • By default, the data alert level will be set to 80% of the data cap level, but users can overwrite this value. The data alert level cannot exceed the data cap level.



  • The SIM Activity Log now includes the name of the user who performed the action.
  • Saved Filters will not be overwritten by Quick Filter options if used together.
  • A Quick Filter can now be saved as a new filter.
  • When logging in for the first time, users will be asked to provide their full name and confirm their email address.
  • Tags created by admins are now also visible to users.
  • My Account is now called My Profile in order to distinguish it from Managed Accounts.
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