What is Emport?


Emport, Arkessa's estate management portal, is an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical dashboard through which customers monitor, manage and report on their M2M estate.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Manage your entire estate of SIMs irrespective of MNO
  • Create sub-accounts to empower your customers to manage their own estates
  • Rebrand the portal to reflect your own brand
  • Move SIMs to and from sub-accounts and between sub-accounts
  • Track SIM usage individually, by sub-estates, or the entire estate
  • SIM self-provisioning
  • Graphical filtering
  • Set and monitor data alerts and caps and be notified via email and/or portal notifications
  • Build and save custom filters
  • Organise your estate through tags
  • Facility to direct customers to your own Help and Support service
  • Display data usage against allowance for new SIMs on fixed, aggregated or bundle tariffs
  • View the history of the MNOs to which your SIM has roamed 
  • Enhanced SIM security
  • API integration

Emport helps your team to be more productive

  • Powerful features such as graphical filtering allow users to easily drill down and view the data important to them
  • At-a-glance monitoring of SIMs that are close to their monthly data allowance
  • Quickly produce data usage reports across the entire estate
  • Perform bulk actions such as cap and alert level setting, notification email setting, tagging and SIM moves.
  • Customisable SIM list to display only the information you need, in the order you want

Emport makes it easy to analyse your SIM estate

  • Investigate and interrogate SIM usage in detail
  • Set and manage data alerts and caps
  • Complete fault analysis by sending ping command to the device. A mobile network SIM refresh can also be performed for certain network operators.
  • Display SIM data over a period to highlight trends and patterns in usage
  • Create a custom filter and graph based on the data important to you
  • Export a filtered set of SIMs to a CSV, Excel or PDF file
  • Control which SIM information is exported and in what order
  • Show the MNOs to which your SIM is roaming 

Emport enhances security

  • Set secure username and password for individual or estate of SIMs minimising the risk of unauthorised use
  • Easily suspend a SIM, preventing a new data session from being started
  • Three levels of user access: Admin, User and View-only.
  • Email address change verification

Emport helps your business grow

  • Deploy any mobile network operator SIM and manage them through a single portal
  • Maintain efficiency as you grow through the use of tags, allowing quick identification of individual or groups of SIMs
  • Provide an Emport sub-account to your customers, allowing secure management of groups of SIMs
  • Integrate your own systems using the Emport API


The following video highlights the features and benefits of Emport.



Note: Data usage shown in Emport is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill. 

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