What is a data cap?


It is possible to set a data usage threshold so that when the usage in the current billing period exceeds it, a data cap is requested. This facility is commonly used by the customer to request a cap when the SIMs's usage has exceeded its allowance.

When the SIM reaches the cap threshold a message is generated stating that the SIM has reached its data cap threshold and no further data sessions will be allowed. The message can be an email and/or a portal notification depending on configuration.

The data cap threshold is configured in the SIM Details screen.

In addition, for MNOs that support it, the customer can request that the data session is terminated when the data cap threshold is exceeded. This is configurable in the SIM Details screen. See SIM capabilities for the list of MNOs that support these "hard caps".


  • For SIMs where the MNO doesn't support hard caps, if the SIM is in an existing data session and exceeds its data cap threshold, data usage will continue until the current session comes to an end.
  • Some MNOs do not report usage during data sessions. Consequently, for those MNOs, SIM alerts and caps will only be triggered at the end of the data session.
  • If the SIM has exceeded its contracted inclusive allowance, overage charges will apply.
  • Data usage shown is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.
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