What is a Tariff?


A tariff is a description of the charging scheme being used for a SIM. It appears in the portal as a code e.g. "KPNAG/123456". Tariffs can be one of the following types:

  • Fixed Tariff. These are SIMs which have been assigned a dedicated data allowance, e.g. a 100MB.
  • Tariff Group. This is a group of SIMs which share the same type of tariff. This tariff type can be one of the following:
    • Aggregated Tariff. This is where multiple SIMs share their combined data allowances.  E.g. 5 SIMs, each with an allowance of 100MB, will be able to share 500MB between them. If another 100MB SIM is added, they can share 600MB in total.
    • Bundle Tariff. One where SIMs share a fixed data allowance. E.g. if a 500MB Bundle has been created, and 5 SIMs have been assigned to the Bundle, each SIM will be able to use data from the 500MB. If another SIM is added, the total remains at 500MB.

Note: Tariffs are not displayed for SIMs which have been purchased before 19th December 2016. They are also only available for direct customers.

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