How do I set Data Caps and Alerts?


Note that only users of type Admin can set SIM Data Caps and Alerts.

  • In the SIM List, click the SIM for which you wish to set a data cap or alert. The SIM Details are displayed.


  • Click mceclip3.png next to the cap or alert that you wish to change. Make the change and click away.


  • A confirmation message is displayed. The data alert level is automatically adjusted to be 80% of the cap level. You can adjust the alert level if required.



  • When changing the cap level, the cap will not be automatically reset to the original level at the start of the next billing period.
  • Setting the cap level to zero, removes any cap.
  • MNOs report usage periodically, and a SIM alert or cap will not be triggered until the data usage has exceeded the threshold. Hence the usage for a SIM may show more than the configured alert or cap level. However, when a cap threshold has been exceeded the SIM will be blocked and no more sessions will be allowed.
  • Some MNOs do not report usage during data sessions. Consequently, for those MNOs, SIM alerts and caps will only be triggered at the end of the data session.
  • If the SIM has exceeded its contracted inclusive allowance, overage charges will apply.
  • Data usage shown is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.


Hard Caps

Some SIMs support the ability to request the MNO to terminate a data session when the cap level is reached (in addition to preventing further data sessions).  Those SIMs have the following tick box when setting the cap level:


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