What is an Advanced Filter?


An Advanced Filter is a powerful way to group SIMs together based on a defined set of parameters. It's available on the SIM List.


Just click 'Advanced Filter' to display it.


It allows users to create a filter based on the following data:

  • A list of ICCIDs, MSISDNs, CSD numbers or private IP addresses. This list can be loaded either by uploading a CSV file or by pasting a list. The list can also be edited after it is uploaded or pasted.
  • SIM Status. Multiple SIM Statuses can be selected.
  • MNO. Multiple MNOs can be selected.
  • Last visited MNO. Multiple MNOs can be selected.
  • APN. Multiple APNs can be selected.
  • Account name. Multiple Accounts can be selected.
  • Tags. Multiple Tags can be selected.
  • Tariff Info (see note below). Multiple Tariffs can be selected.
  • Usage. A range of usage can be applied by moving the sliders. Fine adjustment can be achieved by using the left and right arrows keys.
  • RAT. Multiple RAT types can be selected.
  • Last connected. This is filtering according to the last time the SIM was connected.  The following options are available:
    • Now
    • Not now
    • Within the last 24 hours
    • Not within the last 24 hours
    • Within the last 48 hours
    • Not within the last 48 hours
    • Within the last 7 days
    • Not within the last 7 days
    • Ever
    • Not ever

If you want to re-use a filter, you can save it and give it a name. Why not make a filter to save time and reduce the number of clicks?  You can also make a filter the default, so that it is remembered when you log out and log in. For more information see What is a Default Filter?.

Did you know Filters are very powerful for Self-Provision customers? It can help control and record what has been provisioned.


  • Tariffs are only available to direct customers.
  • The list of Tariffs available for filtering only includes those which have SIMs associated with them.
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