What is SIM Status?


Status is displayed as a column in the SIM List and SIM Details views, and is used to identify the current operational status of a SIM.

mceclip5.png Inactive - Pre-provisioned state, no service is available but ready to be activated via the portal. The SIM is not in a billable state.

mceclip4.png Activation Pending - Awaiting activation by the MNO.

mceclip3.png Active - The SIM is in an active state and is billable.

mceclip2.png Alerted – The SIM has reached a data alert level (default 80%). The SIM is in an active state and is billable.

mceclip1.png Suspended - Partial service and is billable. The SIM is prevented from starting a new data session via the private APN. To prevent the SIM from connecting via other methods, for example the Public APN or SMS, a full suspension must be requested to Arkessa Customer Services. 

mceclip0.png Blocked - Partial service and is billable. The SIM data cap threshold has been reached. The SIM will be prevented from starting a new data session.

mceclip0.png Terminated - SIM has been requested for SIM Disconnection. Service terminated with the MNO and charges cease with 30 day's notice period from date of request.

mceclip0.png Unmanaged - The SIM is displayed in the portal but is not managed via the portal. E.g. usage information is not displayed and the SIM's status cannot be changed.


The "In Session" field indicates when the SIM has a connection in progress.

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    Sangmin Han

    How can I check SIM Card Status when I use it in Cisco router?
    (Live or Terminated.)
    ICCID : 8982059710700095463
    MSISDN : 01225756111
    APM : internet.lguplus.co.kr

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