Release Notes 5.4



  • Inbound Single Sign-On. Allows customers providing access via a corporate web portal to log in without having to re-enter their credentials.
  • Support Single Sign-On. For direct customers, allows access to the support pages of the Help and Support area without having to re-enter credentials.
  • Show RAT. Makes the Radio Access Technology (e.g. "3G") visible in the Sessions Report (where available).
  • Show IMEISV. The IMEISV is now shown in the Sessions Report. The IMEISV is a number that indicates the make, model and software version of the device (where available).
  • Usage and alerting for mixed-MNO groups. For direct customers, supports aggregated SIM groups and bundles consisting of SIMs from more than one MNO.
  • Default filter. Allows a saved Advanced Filter to be the default filter. This is applied automatically upon login. After any Advanced Filter modifications, or filtering using Global Search, the default filter can be reverted to at the click of a button.
  • User email change verification. For improved security, when a user's email is changed, an email is sent to the new address requesting verification. 


  • Users with the "User" role can now edit the Notes field in the SIM Details screen.


  • The uploaded customer icon is not being scaled down to fit the preview page.
  • The 'Within 3 Months' filter option, both from dashboard and advanced filter does not work as intended

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