Release Notes 5.2



  • Alerts on SIM Aggregated Groups and Bundles. For direct customers of Arkessa, it is now possible to create a data usage email Alert on an Aggregated Group of SIMs for a SIM Bundle. An email address is associated with all Groups and Bundles in the estate.
  • Default notification email for individual SIMs. It is now possible to configure the system to send all Cap and Alert emails from individual SIMs to the email address associated with your user account.
  • Global Search for Tags. The SIM list can now be searched by Tag using the Global Search field.
  • Total usage in Estate History and Sessions Reports. The Estate History and Sessions Reports now show the total data usage, in addition to the usage in both directions.


  • Emport now displays a dedicated page if the user enters a URL of a page which does not exist on the server (i.e. instead of a 404 error)
  • When updating Custom Fields with a CSV file, duplicate ICCIDs are now detected and an error message shown.
  • You can no longer enter cap and alert values for Terminated SIMs.
  • When sorting the SIM List blank fields are now at the bottom.


  • When resetting Custom Branding, the pre-filled input box where the portal name is shown was not animating.
  • The ability to toggle password visibility on password entry fields was not working on some browsers.
  • When filtering the SIM List by Last Connected, the Total usage calculator was producing incorrect results.
  • Detailed Sessions Reports with interims could not be exported.
  • Sorting the SIM List by Session Duration was not working.
  • Alert emails were being sent with each interim after after a SIM was suspended.
  • In some circumstances, a Global Search could result in duplicate results.
  • When changing the Alert or Cap level in the SIM Details page the SIM's status wasn't changing if the change caused the SIM's usage to cross an Alert or Cap threshold.
  • Problems occurred if a Tag name was longer than 45 characters.
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