Centralised email management


There is now the capability to create usage alerts for tariff groups for direct customers. With this capability we have also created an email management system which will ease opting-in for notification emails. 

So what is the best practice on email management?

Users have an easy way for opting-in to all SIM alerts in the "My Profile" page. If you are a user of a direct customer account you will be able to opt-in for SIM alerts (cap and alert notifications) if set on SIMs, as well as Tariff Group usage alerts (set in the Tariff Group dialog box on SIMs).

This way users have control of what emails they want to receive, from a central point. This will remove the need for adding your email to all individual SIMs using a bulk action. If you are only interested in being notified about a handful of SIMs, then you can still use individual SIM settings to add your email address, or an external email address. 

The same system is also available for external emails. Many of our customers use an email address that does not belong to a user. They may have an inbox which is accessed by all service agents. For that reason we also created an external emails section at the account level settings in 'Managed Accounts'. This section is available to Admin users.  Here you can add an external email and then set to receive all SIM alerts from your estate, including sub account SIMs. Again the direct customer accounts could also choose to receive Tariff Group alerts on these external email addresses.

What's the catch?

Remove unnecessary emails on SIMs. If you are using a central system i.e. you want all SIMs to alert one or two emails including your personal user email account, do not leave email addresses on individual SIMs unless that is intentional. You won't receive notifications twice, but if you decide to opt-out, you will still receive emails from the SIMs which have individual email addresses. So use bulk actions to clear any unwanted email addresses from SIMs.

In any difficulty, please contact customer service.

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