My SIM/device is not connecting - what can I do?


There are some quick actions that you can do to quickly rule out some common causes of connectivity issues:

Does the device have the correct APN configured? To check which APN should be used, you can check the order completion email we sent when the SIMs were activated, or this article here

Does the device have signal? If the device does not have good signal, try moving the device around the local environment to improve it - e.g. move the device away from other wireless devices, close to a window, or outside. If the signal is still poor, the general area may have poor coverage. You can check this by searching "XXXX network coverage checker" online, or by raising a request to Arkessa Customer Services. Please include the postcode of the location in your request

Can the device be rebooted? Although it has become cliché, device reboots often resolve issues. Also check the SIM is inserted correctly.

Check the SIM in Emport. Our estate management portal holds a lot of information that can help troubleshoot. Things to check include:

  • SIM status - A data session can only be established if the SIM is in the 'Live' or 'Alerted' status. Any other status and the connection request will be rejected. If the status is 'Suspended' you can enable it and if the status is 'Blocked' you can increase the data cap above the current usage to unblock the SIM.
  • Check the 'last session start' and 'session duration' column - This column will tell you when the device last established a data session and how long for. If it is currently connected the 'session duration' column will simply say connected. If it says 'connected' but the issue persists, there might be a different issue that is stopping the device or application from working.
  • Emport 'Diagnostics' feature - The in-built diagnostic feature will complete basic checks of the SIM setup and try to ping the device.

If the SIM/device is still not connecting please raise a ticket so we can help further - email or click 'Submit a Request' in the top-right hand corner of your screen. Please include as information as possible, including the SIM details and what steps have been taken already.

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