Release Notes 3.5



  • Total data usage. When the results of a Filter are displayed, any user can now view the total data usage for the current billing period of those filtered SIMs.
  • SIM Refresh (for selected MNOs). This release introduces a new menu option for a SIM called Diagnostic Tools. From here, any user can run diagnostics to determine the status of the SIM and whether the SIM is reachable (using ping). If it is unreachable, and it is an Arkessa Connect or O2 Global SIM, the user is able to Refresh it.
    • Note:
      • Refreshing a SIM causes any existing data session for that SIM to be immediately terminated and the SIM to be disconnected from the mobile network. When a device detects the disconnection it will normally attempt to re-connect. If the SIM has not been Blocked, Suspended or Terminated, then the re-connection should succeed.
      • A SIM Refresh facility for additional MNOs will be introduced in future releases.
  • Customer rebranding. Via the Managed Accounts page, a reseller is now able to re-name the portal according to their own brand. Specifically, they can:
    • Use their own logo
    • Use a custom system name, which is used in various places e.g. in the "About" window.
  • Customisable SIM list. For the list of SIMs that is displayed on the Dashboard, the user is now able to:
    • Configure which columns are shown or hidden.
    • Change the order in which the columns are displayed.
      Note: the selected columns and the column ordering persist between user sessions.

The information described in the following features will be available for new SIMs that main account customers order from now on. For SIMs ordered before this release, if you would like to see this information, please contact Customer Services. These features are not available to sub-customers.

  • Tariff. Each SIM now displays a reference to the tariff from your contract. If a different name is required, please contact Customer Services who will be able to configure a different tariff name for you. Tariff codes can also be used in Filters. Tariffs can be one of the following:
    • Fixed Tariff. These are SIMs which have been assigned a dedicated data allowance, e.g. a 100MB.
    • Aggregated Tariff. This is where multiple SIMs share their combined data allowances.  E.g. 5 SIMs, each with an allowance of 100MB, will be able to share 500MB between them. If another 100MB SIM is added, they can share 600MB in total.
    • Bundle Tariff. One where SIMs share a fixed data allowance. E.g. if a 500MB Bundle has been created, and 5 SIMs have been assigned to the Bundle, each SIM will be able to use data from the 500MB. If another SIM is added, the total remains at 500MB.
  • Display of data usage against allowance. This feature allows main account customers to see their data usage against allowance for the current billing period. For SIMs on an Aggregated tariff or a Bundle tariff, the user will be able to view the total aggregated or bundle data allowance, the allowance used so far, and the allowance remaining.



  • For MNOs that don't support SIM authentication (e.g. Three), the Authentication menu option on a SIM is now hidden.
  • In reports, the column headings "Transmit" and "Receive",  "Upload" and "Download" have been renamed to "To Device" and "From Device" to remove any ambiguity.
  • The SIM Details page has been re-styled to be clearer.



  • Sometimes a bulk action filter was not returning matching SIMs.

  • A deleted Filter remained on the list of available Filters.

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