How do I perform SIM Diagnostics?


The user can run diagnostics to determine the status of a SIM and whether it is reachable using ping. If the SIM is unreachable, and it is from a MNO that supports SIM Refresh the user is able to send a Mobile Network Refresh to the SIM. For a list of MNOs that support SIM Refresh see What are the SIM Capabilities?

Please note: A Mobile Network Refresh causes any existing data session to be immediately terminated and the SIM to be disconnected from the Mobile Network. When a device detects the disconnection it will normally attempt to re-connect. If the SIM has not been Blocked, Suspended or Terminated, then the re-connect should succeed.

Here’s how to use the diagnostics feature:

  • In the SIM List click on the SIM for which you would like to check the status.
  • Select ‘Diagnostics’.


  • This will then check the status of the SIM to ensure it is Active.
  • It will then ping the SIM and the results will be displayed as shown below:


  • If the device is not responding to ping, and the MNO supports SIM Refresh, you can click the 'Refresh SIM' button to refresh the SIM.*

* SIM Refresh is only available for selected MNOs. See What are the SIM Capabilities? for a list.

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