Release Notes 3.4



  • The Bulk Actions page now includes the ability for Admin users to:
    • set the level of caps and alerts for a filtered list of SIMs in a single operation. This avoids the need to set the levels individually for each SIM. The filter is created in the usual way using the Filter Builder, or by using a Quick Filter.
      Note: The usual SIM capping behaviour applies i.e.:
      • If a SIM has already been blocked because it has reached its cap, setting the cap to any level lower than the current cap will mean the SIM remains capped. The only exception to this is if the cap has been set to zero, in which case there is no cap.
      • If the SIM is currently capped, setting the cap level higher than the current usage will cause the SIM to be unblocked.
      • If the SIM has not yet reached its cap, setting the cap level lower than the current usage level will cause the SIM to be blocked.
    • bulk edit the email addresses associated with each SIM in a filtered list of SIMs. The user is able to add and delete multiple email addresses in a single bulk operation.
    • assign and un-assign Tags to and from a filtered list of SIMs. This avoids the need to apply Tags to SIMs individually, or having to use a multi-selection.
    • move a filtered list of SIMs from one customer to another. This avoids the having to move them individually, or having to use a multi-selection.
      Note: when SIMs are moved between accounts, the notification email addresses associated with them remain. If you wish to remove the email addresses then this can be done using the bulk edit feature.

  • For added security, if 3 failed login attempts are made, the user is blocked from making further attempts for 10 minutes. During this period an Admin user is able to un-block the user.
  • New Profile page for users, where an Emport user can edit personal details and password from one place.
  • Ability to login to Emport using either username or email address. This marks the start of a transitional period. In a future release login will be limited to email address only.


  • To improve ease of understanding, the menu that appears when a right click is performed on a selection of SIMs now contains only items relating to the selected SIMs.
  • The user interface has been updated with a modern look and feel.
  • In the Filter Builder, the limit of 300 on the number of elements you can use in a list (e.g. MSISDNs, ICCIDs) has been removed.


  • Emport was loading the SIM list with a number of empty rows if the "items per page" was changed while the list loaded. This has been fixed.
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