How can I assign values in bulk to Custom Fields?


Custom Fields are designed to give the users ability to attach extra information to SIMs. They are another column in the SIM List. They work slightly differently to Tags because Tags are labels for grouping many SIMs together. But with Custom Fields you can give different values for each SIM or create smaller groups like SIMs in a vehicle or SIMs in a modem etc. 

For this reason there is a feature to be able to assign a different value to each Custom Field for each SIM in bulk.

  • Create a CSV file with the following structure:
      • A heading line with the following format. You can populate 1, 2 or 3 custom fields at once. The heading line must match the custom field labels exactly. E.g. for a single custom field called 'deviceId', this row should contain: ICCID,deviceId
          • ICCID,, ,  
      • The subsequent lines are used to assign values to each SIM.  Each line must have the same number of columns indicated in the heading line. E.g.: 
    • ICCID deviceId
      8944012345678901234 Manchester
      8944012345678904321 London West
  • In the SIM List, ensure that no SIMs are selected (i.e. not ticked).
  • Click 'Actions' then 'Update Custom Field Values with CSV'.


  • The following is displayed.


  • Click 'Browse' and select the CSV file.
  • The following is displayed.



  • Each custom field value can have a maximum of 64 characters.
  • The Custom Fields of up to 10,000 SIMs can be populated at once. To populate Custom Fields for more SIMs perform multiple CSV uploads.


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