What is View Details?


Clicking on a SIM in the SIM List will display further details of the SIM. This includes:

Status - indicates the current stats of the SIM. See What is SIM Status? for more information. A switch is displayed to Enable a Suspended SIM, or to Suspend an Active SIM.

In Session - indicates whether the SIM is connected

ICCID - SIM number

MSISDN - mobile number

MNO - Mobile Network Operator

Last Visited MNO - displays the name of the last MNO to which the SIM connected

APN - Access Point Name

Tariff Info - information about the tariff of the SIM

IMEI - the unique identifier of the device containing the SIM

Private IP

Public IP - the public IP, if configured.

Peer-to-peer IP - the peer-to-peer IP, if configured.

CSD number - the Circuit Switched Data number

RAT - the Radio Access Technology (e.g. 2G) used by the SIM's last connection 

Tags - the list of Tags associated with the SIM

Custom Fields - up to 3 custom fields can be configured per account

Notes - a free text field for miscellaneous text associated with the SIM

Enable SIM Authentication - when ticked, indicates that the SIM will attempt to authenticate with the network using the entered user name and password

Last Session Start - the date and time of the start of the last data session, or the current data session, if there is one

Session Duration - the duration of the last data session, or the current data session, if there is one

Daily Usage Report - displays a report of daily data usage

Session Report - displays a report containing information about data sessions.

Interval - indicates the billing cycle e.g. 31 indicates monthly

Usage - the amount of data used by the SIM in the current billing cycle

Usage bar graph - this shows graphically the current usage of the SIM and, if they have been set, the alert and cap thresholds. This graph is only shown when there is usage to display.

Stop the session immediately when data cap level is reached - when this box is ticked, the data session is terminated when the data cap level is reached (only available on certain MNOs).

Data cap level - the data usage level at which a data cap is applied

Data alert level - the data usage level at which a data alert is generated

Notification emails - the list of email addresses that are notified when data cap and data alert levels are reached.

Tracking Number - the delivery tracking number of the SIM (direct customers only)

Show empty fields - if this switch is disabled, empty fields are hidden

Diagnostics - provides connectivity diagnostics

Activity Log - displays a history of the following events:

  • a SIM is added to the portal
  • a SIM is activated
  • the SIM's data Alert level is set
  • the SIM's data Cap level is set
  • the SIM's data has been Suspended
  • the SIM's data has been Enabled

These entries include the data, time and user who performed the activity.

To exit the SIM Details, click the 'X'.

Location Source - the source of location information.  This is either 'user' if the location information is entered by the user, or 'cell' if the location information is provided by the network.

Location Info - if a Location Source of 'user' is selected, the user-entered location is entered here.



  • Data usage shown in the portal is indicative and may differ from that shown in your monthly bill.
  • Some MNOs don't provide usage information during data sessions. Because of this, caps and alerts for those MNOs won't occur during the data session. However they may occur at the end of the data session if the usage has exceeded the cap or alert.
  • The display of SIM location is not guaranteed. Occasionally, an MNO may not report the SIM location. Also, if a SIM is roaming, it is up to the roamed-to network as to whether they report the SIM's location.
  • The display of visited MNO is not guaranteed. Occasionally, an MNO may not report the visited MNO. Also, if a SIM is roaming, it is up to the roamed-to network as to whether they report the visited MNO. The same is the case for IMEI and RAT.
  • For the MNOs where SIM Refresh and Hard Caps are available, they are done by sending the MNO a request to terminate the connection. MNOs do not guarantee the success of these requests.
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