What is SIM Location?


SIM Location is an indication of the geographic location of the SIM. It is shown in the SIM Details under the Location tab.

There are the following ways in which a SIM's location can be shown:

  • Cell location. For supporting MNOs, the approximate location of the SIM, as reported by the MNO, is shown on a map if source 'cell' is selected. The area in which the device may be located will be shown as a circle which is determined by the accuracy of the reported location.
  • User-entered location. Admin users can add location details (usually a postal address) in the location field if the location source 'user' is selected. The entered address will be shown on a map if the address is recognised.


  • The user-entered location and network-reported location can be different. If you expect the SIM to be static, the user-entered location will be more accurate.
  • It is not guaranteed that an MNO reports SIM location. Occasionally, an MNO may not report the SIM location. Also, if a SIM is roaming, it is up to the roamed-to network as to whether they report the SIM's location.
  • An external mapping database is used to display on a map the SIM's location as reported by the MNO. The mapping database is not guaranteed to be complete and in some cases it may not be able to provide the geographic location of the SIM.


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